California Lawmakers’ War on Domestic Oil and Gas Creating National Security Risk

Both California’s in-state crude oil production, and Alaskan oil imports have both been forced into decline and are now unable to meet the states’ energy needs. Shockingly, according to the California Energy Commission, California increased crude oil imports from foreign countries from 5% in 1992 to 57% in 2018, and costing California more than $60… Read More »

PTS Advance Continues to Grow Its Life Sciences Team

IRVINE, Calif., Feb. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — PTS Advance has officially announced that it has agreed to, and met, the closing conditions to acquire BioStaff Solutions Inc., a boutique clinical resourcing firm. The acquisition creates an end to end clinical resourcing solution for the Life Sciences division of PTS Advance, complementing their post market compliance… Read More »

California Supports Foreign Big Oil

Summary: Despite the constant rhetoric in California to not support big oil, the State continues its support for “foreign” big oil by requiring our in-state manufacturers to export $73 million dollars a day to oil rich foreign countries for their crude oil to meet the energy demands of the state, by not drilling for crude… Read More »

California Refineries are the MVP’s of the economy and GHG emissions

The robust California economy is using more than 60 million gallons of fuels DAILY for the military, aviation, cruise liner, importing/exporting, trucking, and automobile industries. All those fuels are manufactured in-state, in the most environmentally regulated location on earth. Removing any one of the twelve major refineries would be devastating to the economy and the… Read More »

PTS Advance Gears Up for Growth

We are excited to share two new developments, that we have invested in to drive growth and expansion of the services we offer to customers, as we approach our 25th year in operation.  Dane Groeneveld has been appointed CEO, and the company has been re-branded to become PTS Advance. Expanding upon a strong reputation in… Read More »

The Economy Behind California’s Green Curtain

Published September 18, 2018 at California’s role as a supposedly global climate leader took center stage during the Global Climate Action Summit hosted by Governor Jerry Brown in San Francisco in October 2018. The Governor, however, was silent on letting the world know that California is our nation’s housing crisis, homelessness, and poverty… Read More »

California is Following Germany’s Failed Climate Goals

Published August 22, 2018 in Fox & Hounds Germany was the first major economy to make a big shift in its energy mix toward low carbon sources, but Germany is failing to meet its climate goals of reducing harmful carbon-dioxide emissions even after spending over $580 billion by 2025 to overhaul its energy systems.… Read More »