PTS COVID-19 – 8 tips to make the most of working from home

During COVID-19 many people have found themselves working from home, and it looks likely to continue for some time. Some of us have really enjoyed the experience; while others have struggled.

At PTS Advance we have also been working from home! To help those that may be struggling or for those simply looking for new ways to be productive, we have put together some helpful tips on how you can make the most of working from home.


Albert Einstein was famously quoted as saying “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”

Contrary to Albert Einstein’s belief, Libby Sander, assistant professor of organizational behavior at the Bond University Business School, and Director of the Future of Work Project has found that mess, whether it be in the home or workplace, can have a detrimental effect on your performance.

In her work Libby examines the effects of the physical work environment on cognition, affect, and performance. She found that mess can affect your tendency to procrastinate and even to over-eat. It also has an effect on your mental health and your relationships. You can read the full article in the Harvard business review here.

So why not look at your immediate surroundings and beyond and see if there is anything that can improve the cleanliness and organization of your space.


Using the kitchen table or couch as your workspace may feel comfortable, however, if you need to use this space in your everyday life you may feel like you are constantly at work.

To alleviate that feeling of being at work 24/7, be sure to set-up a dedicated work zone, whether that be in a spare bedroom or even the corner of a room. If you are limited for space,  maybe use a partition to close it off to your living space.



We spend a good proportion of our lives at work. Often sitting at a computer stationery for hours. To ensure you maintain good health, make sure your workspace is ergonomic.

  • Position your computer monitor at eye level
  • Position your mouse and keyboard within easy reach
  • Adjust your chair to support your back
  • Apply similar principles if using a stand-up workstation
  • Take regular breaks



The most important thing you can do for your body when you work from home is to get up and move throughout the day. Whether you have an ergonomic workstation at home or not, you need to take breaks that allow you to stretch, walk, and change positions.

Positive ways to ensure you are moving effectively include:

  • Taking a short walk around the neighborhood (while maintaining social distancing) or walk up and down the stairs a few times
  • Practice some yoga and/or meditate
  • Do some light stretching
  • Dance with your spouse or kids; or play fetch with your dog in the park or yard
  • Go for a bike ride or a run

Consider setting an alarm to get moving at least once every hour so that you prevent any health issues that may arise from sitting or standing in the same place for too long.


When working in the workplace we usually establish a routine, which to many brings comfort. A great way to ensure you stay in a good frame of mind, and on schedule is to keep the same routine.

For example, do you usually grab a coffee before you start work, or read a book on the bus, or listen to your favorite tunes? You may need to make time for this, or may even need to travel to a new closer coffee shop, but your mind will thank you for it.


When working from home it can often be tempting to do household chores, because it can be quick and easy.

By setting a routine, and leaving the chores for outside work hours, you will find your productivity will remain on track.

You will also feel like your work and personal life are separate and not weaving into one another.



In saying this, we do not mean to get into your Sunday best. Instead, we recommend, if appropriate, wearing the same clothing you would ordinarily wear in your usual workday.

It can often be tempting to dress in casual clothes whilst working from home, however dressing in your usual attire will help you feel the same way as you do at work.



When we are working from home, some of us can feel isolated. With online technology, however, it is now easier than ever to stay connected with things and people that matter.

If you usually catch up with your work colleagues on a Friday for after-work drinks, why not organize one via zoom. Or you can do the same with family and friends outside of work.

Life can be boring unless we schedule some fun.


We hope these tips help you on your work from home journey!


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