PTS COVID-19 – Business Continuity

As a valued client and partner of PTS Advance, we wanted to take this opportunity to apprise you of our efforts with respect to the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.

We appreciate you are likely fielding a lot of internal and external calls relating to this health crisis as it unfolds.

We have some ideas on how we might be able to collaborate with your operation to assess and plan different levels of business continuity interventions. Therefore, we would like to propose some early dialogue about which contingent workers are critical to site operations, and how we may manage any remote work or furlough programs.

We anticipate that this will allow us to be collectively prepared, ensuring that we have valuable information and contingency plans to hand, if we do need to act at short notice. This may well include us setting up additional workspace or governing policies to support remote work or standby programs.

At this stage we have a rough draft of some discussion points that we have navigated with other client sites. These are provided below, and we would appreciate the opportunity to check in with you on this topic to determine what gaps exist and how we can assist your team with any of the planning work that is required.

  • Process for qualifying a client furlough or remote work needs.
    • How does client plan for us to be part of the communications?
    • What are we telling workers as far as return to normal operations?
    • Are there systems or processes that we need to put in place to govern remote work for any of our people?
      • Work from home or temporary workspaces at an alternate site?
    • Are we processing any pay for this period, to keep key talent on standby?
      • Do we need to keep any of these individuals on call for emergent work scopes?
    • What other preparation might we need to support for workers that are required to remain on site, or return to site?
  • Process for managing worker expectations and performance in a changed operating environment.
    • Do we need a general communication for workers to explain that we are monitoring the situation for any furlough or remote work changes?
      • What additional resource shall we make available by way of daily calls, web updates or email communications.
    • What systems and resources will workers require to work remotely?
    • Do we need specific remote working clauses added to an offer letter?
    • Do we need a set letter identifying any amended terms of employment if we do operate a standby model?

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