PTS COVID-19 Update 2 – Employees

PTS Advance continues to monitor developments relating to COVID-19, following CDC and California Department of Public Health guidelines.

A lot has changed since last week, so if you are self-isolating or have any other reason that you are unable to attend work, please do reach out to our team and inform us so that we can work with you and the client site to coordinate appropriately.  Also, if you may need any assistance due to isolation, please contact HR at any time.

We are in daily communication with clients and industry partners to identify and consider best practices as it relates to health and safety, as well as the economic impact that an extended shutdown might cause to workers, facilities, and the general public.

Employees who have questions or concerns regarding this information or any other issue, please contact HR at any time or 949-268-4000.

To learn more about the novel coronavirus and keep up with the latest developments, please see links below:

About Coronavirus Disease 2019

CDC’s Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

CDPH Gathering Guidance

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